Does Mercury Retrograde get on your nerves? Are Saturn and Pluto’s energies wearing you out?

We are in the midst of 4 planets going through the dance of Retrograde and soon Neptune will join as well.

If you want to know how to benefit from these retrogrades instead of suffering, join my free masterclass “Empower Yourself During a Retrograde Season” where you will discover:

  • How do Saturn, Mercury and Pluto retrogrades can influence you and what to expect from these
  • 5 Simple ways to stay calm and be at your best-self no matter what is happening
  • How to release energies that stagnate your mind and /or soul caused by Mercury, Saturn and Pluto Retrograde and turn the effects from these Retrogrades to your advantage with 1 powerful technique.
  • And have fun!

Join this fun and  event with a certified Instant Miracle and Peace Process Coach on 06/15 at 7pm EST.

Register as only 100 seats are available. 

P.S. Get some questions answered from a professional astrologer right on a spot. 

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