If you’re frustrated that you’re not making a great amount of money with your art, then keep reading this important message…

Discover A Simple System That’ll Allow You To Sell Your Art Without Galleries, Long Hours, Wasted Time, Energy, and Make Money That your Deserve.

Tell me how long have you tried to sell your art online and failed? I know how hard it could be to market art properly so people buy it. I know what it’s like to sell art to people who don’t appreciate your art and try to lower your price. I see how many artists sell their art too cheap so that they can’t put bread on their table. I am sorry you have to deal with this.

I dealt with this too.

Selling Art was not my forte, especially when I just came to the States. My English was pretty bad and I didn’t know what marketing really means. I thought the way to sell my art was only through exhibitions and galleries.  Thank God It is not true! 

I stopped selling art completely in 2008. Later I even stopped painting. I went through a severe burnout in 2017. I even lost interest in art. That was horrible.

That happened to me because I didn’t know what I know now. Maybe God allowed this to happen to me because He wanted me to discover the path, and help other artists? I believe that is true.

I found a way to heal myself like a human and an artist.  I went through 13 years of learning marketing. I helped many people and business owners to succeed online.

That is why I created a course that helped me to become who I want to be and do what I want.


The Artist’s Money-Magnet System

This program is for you if:

  • You want to sell your art, and put all money into your pocket.
  • You want to discover how to attract the right buyers
  • You want to feel great about showing your art to potential buyers and charge high prices
  • You want to know how to market it properly and on a dime
  • You want to have a lifestyle that you deserve and want
  • You want to be abundant and happy
  • You want to be more creative
  • You want to be a money magnet
  • You want to open your mind to new possibilities
  • You are ready to clear, erase, get rid of,  destroy,  or clear all beliefs that do not serve you as a person and artist
  • If want to have more fun in life 
  • You want to be an artist of your dream


If any of this is what you want, then keep reading.


So what is in the program?

You will get 5 Modules of a drip content.

One module will automatically appear in your content area every week. Total 5 weeks of content. 

This is a self- study course with images, videos, and other manuals.

Module #1 Create a Foundation For Success

  • Get Clarity on who you are, what you want, and how you want it
  • What questions to ask yourself to set you up for success
  • Get a formula for planning a process


Module #2 Actions that Are Worth Millions

Where you will discover how to:

  • Strategize your actions
  • Create a great plan for marketing your art
  • Places to sell art
  • Messaging potential customers
  • Social media platforms that will be discussed: FB, IG, Pinterest, TikTok, Linkedin, YouTube

Module #3  Skills that Will Bring You a Million or More

Find out what skills you need to develop or improve to make a lot of money with your art

Do you have what it takes to wow your buyers?


Module #4 Millionaire Mindset


  • The value of a mindset game
  • How to change your vibration
  • How to create energy that attracts the right buyers
  • How to choose the price for your art
  • Find what beliefs are sabotaging you and how to replace these with beliefs that serve you


Module #5 Optimize Your Environment

What is in Your Wallet?

  • People
  • Places
  • Technologies