About Me

Hello dear visitors and friends.

It took me awhile to create this page.

What is WWW. TATIANA-WALKER.COM? It’s a business. Business that is run under real human name of real living woman named Tatiana Walker. I can’t define myself with just a few words. I am very multi dimensional. And just name Tatiana wouldn’t tell you much other then this name is very popular amongst Slavic nationalities. I was born in Russia. So the roots of this name can be explained as you see.

I am still debating about structuring this site so it will be more clear who I am and what do i do once I am finished. LOL. I am changing daily so is my Business.

I grow into a holistic living and my art starting reflect it more and more. The purpose is to create a tonality for my art.

The art is not a skill. It’s an expression and it’s a lifestyle for me. You can learn skills, you can learn to be a Creator. But everyone is already a creator in different areas of our lives.
I create art and words and worlds. I like multi dimensional, because we all multi layered beings.
I assemble what I see. I draw the line to express.
Long time ago i painted when i liked images i saw outside of me.
Now i draw/paint because i see images inside of me.
Also, i am an energy worker. I facilitate healing. I facilitate mindset shifts. I offer a connection brain with heart.

I offer emotional healing thru the art, flower essences and special: one on one sessions with me to reveal biggest secrets about You. You can learn more about these practical sessions on my other website http://tatianawalkercoaching.com/.

I am a Private woman who is willing to share some of the Biggest Secrets I learned from Life privately, unless I choose otherwise. So content from this or other site can be shared on Social media only with giving me credits, as I deserve these.

Thank you for reading this, and please, let me know if you want to know something about me or just plain talk about life.

Many blessings,

Walker, Tatiana.