Welcome to Instagram Challenge

Hello, Dear creative soul,

I am happy to know that you are interested in my 5-day “Sell Your Art Instagram Challenge”.

What this is about?

Well, as you already understand it is about Instagram. And it is about selling art on Instagram.

It might seem simple, but if you want to improve your selling skills on Insta, join this challenge.

During these 5 days, you”l get 1 video per day, it will be sent in the mornings.

The video will teach you about a certain task. Then I will give you homework. If you decide to participate in the challenge and want to get the price, you will be required to show what you did.
To stay on top of the event videos, I’d recommend subscribing to notifications. The videos will be sent to you via e-mail.

So step #1 is joining the notifications e-mail.
The event will be translated in our Facebook group.

 Step #2 Join the group> Succesful Visual Artists if you have not done yet.

So go ahead and join a free 5-day Sell Your Art Instagram Challenge.

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