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Spring Water charged with New or full Moon, brandy to preserve freshness (less then 10%), Flower essence of  Star of Bethlehem- Ornithogalum umbellatum.

If you don’t want it mixed with brandy, Apple Cider Vinegar could be applied.  Brandy or ACV is used for conservation of the product. Please contact me for ACV preservative instead of brandy.

“Healing Herbs” brand is used for a mother essence. This brand harvests and produces flowers strictly by the directions of dr. Edward Bach. This brand is considered one of the best manufacturers of Bach remedies.



4 drops under tongue or into 4 oz. of water. Sip for 5-10 minutes. Do this 4 times a day.

 You can’t overdose with flower essences. But stick with recommended dosage.

Heal your energy, heal your Soul.


It is very easy to heal with Flower essences. Dr. Edward Bach found 38 flowers that heal different  problems by changing our energy frequency.

The Star of Bethlehem is a very special flower that helps with deep hidden or obvious trauma and more.

If you ever experienced trauma that never was healed or healed incompletely you most likely developed physical pain/s, PTSD, socially awkward. You may have some difficulties remembering it now, but once the memory is triggered on a subconscious level you can go into shock or feel a particular pain.

 This vibration  can be healed in many different ways.

 Meet the Star of Bethlehem. They called it “Inner Peace”.

The flower essence produced by the Star of Bethlehem can be used to heal ENERGETICALLY  all traumatic experiences. No matter how long they happened. It is recommended to be taken when:

  • To child who was just born
  • To these who just lost their beloved ones
  • To these who live in the house with a narcissist
  • To these who live in the house with an alcoholic
  • To these who in a lot of contact with bullies or abusive people and they can’t get out of these situations
  • If you experienced an accident and can’t get over it
  • Any very experience that makes you crippled emotionally
  • You loved one left you – breakup
  • Sudden or planned stressful events: Before the exam, frightful news
  • To help cope with fear of Public speaking, I do recommend working on that fear of Public speaking in the other way. But it will take the edge off.
  • If you are noticing anxiety raise when something happens and it is always present. Example: Fear of flight because someone you loved crashed  in the airplane. So everytime you need to fly you have a panic attack or get sick.

Star of Bethlehem awakens the personality and leads it back to its Higher Self. It re-establishes energetic links so that residues of energetic trauma can dissolve and allow the individual to regain energy, vitality, mental clarity, and inner strength.

When categorizing the Bach Flower Essences, Dr. Bach called Star of Bethlehem the “Comforter and soother of pains and sorrows.”

It’s amazing that Dr. Edward Bach found this flower and produced an essence of it so we can use it to help ourselves when it is needed.

There is no addiction to it or side effects of using it. Even if you are allergic to this flower it is perfectly safe to consume flower essence, because it doesn’t have any biological matter of the flower.  It is an energetic imprint of a flower that is captured in water.

Start gentle healing process today. Heal your energy, heal your Soul.

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